Outstanding Sensitivity and Stability

The METAL SHARK® 1 controller provides outstanding sensitivity, accuracy and stability. Automatic balance and calibration control ensures many years of reliable performance. After initial set-up, no further adjustment of electronics is needed, eliminating costly and timely routine maintenance and service.

Features & Benefits of SHARK 1 Controller

Auto calibration: The Metal Detector easily and quickly “learns” product features, allowing for compensation for product conductivity, and leads to much greater sensitivity. Its pre-set features are intended for dry, wet, salty and meat applications, allowing for rapid and user-friendly set up of new products.

Phase tracking allows the Metal Detector to compensate and readjust for product conductivity, leading to increased sensitivity.

Outstanding metal detection: Digital noise filters eliminate any undesired signals.

Multi-channel technology allows for optimum detection of ferrous, nonferrous (e.g., aluminum or copper) and stainless steel contaminants.

Extreme durability: Cassel′s sensor head is designed for long-term reliable and consistent operation in extreme and harsh conditions. Unlike competitor models, Cassel′s sensor head is fully encapsulated in a solid epoxy block, which seals off this important component from outside hazards. The METAL SHARK® is ideal for difficult applications, including processing in wet or very humid environments.